About Robert D Miller


About Robert D. Miller

For more than 30 years, I’ve been capturing photographic images that inspire me. These images are more than moments in time; they continually grow in sentimental and even sometimes monetarily value as time goes by and create fond memories of the everyday beauty around us.

I cut my teeth 40 years ago with a Topcon/Bessler, when I photographed commercial images for insurance companies. In those film days, I worked with Nikon and Canon. I made the transition to digital in 2004 with Canon and now I mostly shoot with the Olympus EM-1.

I attended local colleges where I graduated in the IT field and migrated into training IT professionals. Currently, I teach people who enjoy photography how to improve their images and hone their photographic eye.

I enjoy capturing images, working with, and sharing experiences with other photography-minded people. I love sharing creativity and techniques through my teaching and photography.