Lightroom Develop and Print Module

A Hands-on way to grasp the concepts of the Lightroom Develop / Print Application This is a learn-by-doing experience and will increase your retention as you work through the classes presented. This course is designed to take you by the hand and work you through one aspect at a time with your own laptop. The only requirement is to have a laptop, mouse and pad that you can bring to class. We will provide sample files and images for you to work with as we take you step by step through the Develop and Print process. The course will be both classroom presentation from instructor(s) as well as hands on practice exercises. The course goal is to help you build a solid foundation of what is involved in creating an image editing workflow to get the most out of your images and to create a look or style to your images. The Develop module in Lightroom lets you adjust the color and tonal scale of your photos as well as crop photos, remove red eye, and make other corrections. All the adjustments you make in Lightroom are nondestructive. With nondestructive editing, your original file is not altered, whether it’s a camera raw file or a rendered file such as a JPEG or TIFF. Your edits are stored in Lightroom as a set of instructions

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Develop Topics Covered

What is Develop Module






                Target Collection




Top Menu













Bottom Menu

                Loupe View

                Reference View

                Before / After View

                Soft Proof

Develop Tools



                Evaluating Histogram

                Tonal Adjustments


                Highlights/ Shadows


                White Balance, Temp, Tint

              Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation

                Crop Tool

                Spot Removal Tool

                Using Navigator to view entire image

              Clone or Heal

                Brush Tool

                Red Eye Removal Tool

                Graduated Filter Tool

                Radial Filter Tool


                Tonal Curves

                Hue, Saturation


                Black and White Conversion

                Split Toning


                Noise Reduction

                Lens Corrections

                Chromatic Aberration Removal, Vignetting

                Transform Data

               Straighten, Rotate, Scale, Offset

                Dehaze Tool

              Adding or removing

                Camera Calibration Tools

                Synchronizing across multiple photos

                High Dynamic Range Merging

                Panoramic Merging

                Output to external editors

                Creating User Presets

                Evaluating the Image…

Student Images

                Few examples of images.  What is needed to improve and what slider to adjust

                Students work on their images

                Instructors critique student editing of their images


Print Module Topics Covered


                Printer Setup

                Choosing Lightroom Templates

                Creating User Templates

                Printing via Flagged images

                Single Image Contact Sheet

                Creating Custom Picture Package

                Using Canned Picture Package

                Editing Image Settings

                Zoom, Rotate, Stroke, Borders

                Adding/Using Grids, Guides, Ruler Units

                Creating Custom Print Sizes

                Using Standard Print Sizes

                Using Identity Plates, Watermarking, Cut Guides

                Print Resolution and Sharpening

                Selecting Paper Profiles

                Adjustment for Brightness and Contrast

                Adjust for sharpness on print output