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Basic Luminosity Class

A Hands-on way to grasp the concepts making adjustments to your images with the use of Luminosity Masking and painting. This is a learn-by-doing experience and will increase your retention as you work through the classes presented. This course is designed to take you by the hand and work you through one aspect at a time with your own laptop. The only requirement is to have a laptop, mouse and pad that you can bring to class and that you are familiar with either the Lightroom Develop Module and Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop elements as layers and a familiarity with adjustment layers and selection tools.  This course is geared toward the intermediate to advanced photographer with respect to post processing. We will provide sample files and images for you to work with as we take you step by step through the Lightroom sliders to begin the develop process followed by the remaining post processing in Photoshop to develop your images in a completely non-destructive approach. The course will be both classroom presentation from instructor(s) as well as hands on practice exercises. The course goal is to help you build a solid foundation of what is involved in creating an image editing workflow to get the most out of your images and to create a look or style to your images. The free version of the TK Luminosity Mask Panel required for this class is available here: 

What are Luminosity Masks


Luminosity Masks are simply another way of creating selections and masks to guide and constrain the adjustments you want to make to your image

If you are already familiar with Layers, Selections and Masks, then Luminosity masks are just a very detailed extension of that.

 Luminosity masks are nothing more than masks generated based on brightness values vs all other pixel based selection tools in photoshop.

By the very nature of how these masks are created based on the luminance values of an image it makes each mask very self-feathering so that any adjustment made through a mask will blend in naturally instead of a hard edge adjustment with the result more natural looking

The free TK Luminosity Mask Panel will allow you to make masks and adjustments that will target a specific area of your image in the Lights, Darks and Midtones.

Once the masks are created any adjustment layer Photoshop allows can be added to that mask so that you are no longer making global adjustments to a layer but rather a very controlled adjustments to specific areas of your image that are used to build up your image to its final look.