East Germany and Barvaria Photography Workshop

 Spouse, Partner / Friend Site Seeing Tours*

May 16th – 24th, 

As with every workshop I run I never shoot along side of you!
I give you 100% of my time to help you improve your photography skills


Why a Couples Tour?

Are you a photographer who enjoys going on vacations with your spouse, significant other, or friend?  Do you find your shooting time constrained because the other person is not interested in you taking so much time away during your joint vacation for photos!   Are you always finding your self in a hurry to get your shots and missing out on capturing moments when you leave that special spot to get back to your spouse, partner or friend! 

If so I have a solution for you where both parties are happy. I am offering a unique photo workshop to beautiful East Germany and Bavaria where I will take out the photographers daily to scenic locations that I have already scouted. While we are out photographing to our hearts content my wife will be escorting your non photographer spouse, partner or friend on daily tours to Germany’s treasured locations. At days end we will all meet back at the hotel to enjoy a lovely meal together and share each others daily stories.

This is a win-win for everyone as they get to do exactly what they came to Ireland for and not compromise each others agendas.

  *This is a couples only (spouse, partner or friend workshop for the photographer and non photographer!

Whats included in our 9 day workshop and tour:

The cost of the 9 day excursion is $5150.00 per person with a $1000.00 per person non refundable deposit ( I need to make deposits with all the hotels and transportation ahead of time to insure our reservations) All rooms and meals are included and all rooms are based on double occupancy.  All entrance fees to venues are included in the price. 

There is a minimum of 4 couples and a maximum of six couples for this workshop and tour.  Please do not make flight purchases until the minimum number of attendees have signed up with a deposit. Final payment is due 90 days prior to tour start date.

Payment is in the form of check or money order. Paypal is accepted but will incur an extra 3% to handle Paypal service chargesPlease email me @ joereardonphotography@gmail.com to be added to the list. I will invoice you once we have had a chance to go over the itinerary

It is highly advisable to purchase travel insurance in case of any emergency that would prevent you from attending. 

What is not Included in the nine day workshop a and tour.

All accommodations in Ireland either before or after the workshop / tour

All personal items



Flights to and from Germany

Travel Insurance

Covid -19 -Germany requires proof of vacination and a negative covid test within 72 hours to enter Germany. We will adhere to all local and country regulations for covid safety.