Boston Waterworks Museum

2450 Beacon St, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

October 18th, 2021 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM




I’ve arranged for our workshop to be on a day not open to the public. We have free reign over the facility without intruding on the touring public.

We will meet at the Waterworks parking lot at 9:15

As with every workshop I run I never shoot along side of you!
I give you 100% of my time to help you improve your photography skills

Cost of the all day workshop is $175 which includes entrance fee.


Workshop is limited to 10 people including instructor with a minimum of 5.

Waterworks requires every person to wear a mask while inside the museum

Workshop Description



Our course is intended for the photographer that wishes to improve their skills shooting indoors with long exposure with light coming in from multiple directions and mixing with man made lights. 

We will be covering the following:

  • Metering techniques for the very unique and diverse lighting conditions in the different rooms in the Museum

  • How to use reflected light to you advantage

  • How to use shadows to create impact in your images


  • When and how to use focus stacking.

  • Lens Selection

  • How to shoot for maximum depth of field using hyper focal distance techniques

  • How to Expose in any given lighting situation; very long exposures and short exposures in the same blended image.

  • Exposure for color or B&W

This is intended for the photographer that wants to improve their skills with shooting indoors with natural light and multi directional reflected light from outdoors.  

  • Manual Mode – Control your camera 

    • How to change your ISO.

    • How to change your shutter speed.

    • How to change Aperture.

  • In this training, we will show you:

    • How to manually or auto focus to get the best results.


The following equipment is recommended

    • Tripod – Required for long exposure and focus stacking.

    • Shutter release (Cable or wireless)– You can use a delay mode but that will be cumbersome and time consuming for you. If you shoot past your camera’s standard exposure length capability (I.E Bulb Mode) you will need a cable release and a method to time you exposures. I.E watch or phone app with timer

  • Your intermediate lens and one or two more to capture as wide an angle and as telephoto as you have in your kit.

Our workshops are designed with a hands on approach to give you the best learning environment.  To register and join us click on the PayPal button, space is limited to 10 participants and a minimum of 5


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