Our Instruction Method


We will discuss your personal goals and the direction you are looking to go with your craft

We offer a hands on approach to both our onsite workshops as well as all of our classroom offerings.


We believe that you learn more effectively by doing rather than by listening to a lecture on how to do something. 

In our classrooms we will provide you with a learn by doing experience whether it is in Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz Plugins or Luminosity Masking. We will always provide sample files and images for you to work with and take you step by step through the software process and provide you with take home workbooks for you to work with at your leisure. And as always we can be contacted to answer any questions.not understood in the class

In all of our onsite photography workshops whether they be a single or multiple day class we are there specifically for you to learn. We will not be shooting along side you.  You will get our full attention to improve your craft.  Prior to every workshop we will interview you to determine your needs and skills to insure your experience with us is successful..